Saturday, january 11th

Remy Medranda

  5:59 AM

hey is there anyone on here who's a mod on

 who can help me with a pretty serious issue i'm having with a developer and my now reduced access as a result of this


I just want to share my story and screenshots if anyone is able to help I would be so grateful. I had an account with 10 years on

 and somehow this developer either got some friend or someone he knows to get me booted unfairly off the platform.  The developer stole our private paid plugin and is now reselling it on his website as his. I have screenshots to back up that he was never given permission to do this.


he agreed to this and then later went totally insane, off the boat, and has done everything you'd never want to have a developer do when hiring them. If he was in America I'd make sure to sue him for the damage he's done.


  6:27 AM



You'd need to tell me your username for me to look at your account, but what people do outside of

, we don't really care about (as in, we won't act on your account in any way for what is done elsewhere, with some exceptions relating to personal safety) (edited)

Otto  6:30 AM

@Remy Medranda ^^ what he said. Provide the info and it'll be handled.

Remy Medranda  6:31 AM



whats really messed up is I've been a good role model contributor for over 10 years… and the 1 time I hire this developer and he essentially has what appears to be either money   issues or some bipolar mood swing… he somehow got some mod to get me booted

clorith  6:32 AM

I see you were informed on January 5th about your account status, and you escalated it beyond that on your own accord.

Remy Medranda  6:32 AM

how is what I did escalation ?

clorith  6:33 AM

You chose to single out an individual one other social media platforms because you disagreed with the decision taken, that's not cool.

Otto  6:33 AM

You attempted to contact the various moderators on other forums, like Facebook and Twitter. That's not okay.

Remy Medranda  6:33 AM

the community should know how this developer behaved and more so that he's selling a plugin which I paid him to develop for a private reason and he agreed to not resell it on his site or on wordpress


well i think this is not cool


guy  sends me message that he wills end me video demo and I never even got it


clorith  6:34 AM

Whatever dispute you have with the developer is a case between yo uand them and your legal counsel, and not a personal vendett arena for WordPress to be a part of :slightly_smiling_face:

Remy Medranda  6:34 AM

got it, but why then would wordpress ban someone who's been a contributor for 10  years and has never caused a problem  once?


Otto  6:35 AM

When you single out people and attempt to contact directly, that's a problem. We deal entirely with volunteers here. Taking it elsewhere and to their personal accounts is what the issue is.

Remy Medranda  6:35 AM


I was cordial with all moderators


never disrespectful

clorith  6:36 AM

We don't need all these screenshots, we will not be acting on your personal dispute.

Remy Medranda  6:36 AM

i am extremely aware that everyones is a volunteer


and I would not want to post lies and what was said by that mod, was that I never used the plugin


i've been using the plugins for  over a year

clorith  6:37 AM

 I didn’t pay for this plugin. It was another plugin developed by this developer.


Your review was specifically about a plugin you paid for. (yes, we have everything from the review still)

Remy Medranda  6:37 AM

I have  even provided several very important functions to the developers plugin that he currently offers as Wp Order Splitter


@clorith I deserve  my  account  privileges reinstated,  I have  not violated any terms of service.

clorith  6:38 AM

You were also informed that you should not persist with the issue at hand, and that if you did, your account would be blocked. After that warning, you took it directly to a moderator over social media instead. Basically you ignored the warnings given.

Remy Medranda  6:39 AM

the moderator  was incorrect


I had reached out to  speak to her privately because i had no other way


she has public accounts


if she doesn't want to be publicly known on the internet

clorith  6:39 AM

As for not violating anything, the support guidelines (which are linked to above each new topic written in the forums) specifically state not to contact anyone directly outside of, they're not terms of service, they are community guideliens for good behavior, and is a private site, and an account can be blocked for any reason, no need for terms of service there :slightly_smiling_face:


The message you received specifically stated if you wished ot discuss the matter, to come in here.

Remy Medranda  6:40 AM

Well I would have not inclined to violate the terms or guidelines

clorith  6:40 AM

You are making up excuses, and that's not cool :slightly_smiling_face:

Remy Medranda  6:40 AM

my only intentions were to reach out and clarify  my end of story


as the comments she made were untrue

Otto  6:41 AM

We have email addresses for discussing these issues, like and others. You never contact a mod directly on their personal accounts.

Remy Medranda  6:41 AM

I have Never seen this


if i had known


trust me 1st avenue I would have taken


and in future if granted my priveledge back I will use it


I will never post my gripes with a dev in  reviews section


and i will never contact a moderator on social media (although why they would have public accounts and somehow expect privacy with their actual real names shown  on the forum is puzzling)

Otto  6:43 AM

If you have a specific issue with mod behavior, then you contact me. I'm I will discuss any such issues with you, but in this case, yeah, you kinda went slightly over the top. Never take things this far over such trivial issues. Feel free to email me about it and I'll take a deep dive into the problem, and discuss it with you. (edited)


Remy Medranda  6:43 AM

but again I  am asking that whomever has the authority to do  so to please grant me back my privileges as  I've sincerely not tried to make this an issue btwen my and  another developer


@Otto thank you. And I will share my story with screenshots in a private email with you. Thank you.


i  swear on my grandfathers  grave  the last  thing I would ever want to do is loose this priviledge to be a part of this community that I have been with since 2010. I love WP and want to make sure anyone who's working with developers especially in situations where devs are overseas are not taken advantage of like I have been and was shocked to see basically allowed to continue through my banning and the developer then promoting MY plugin for sale on his support comments as of this week.

Otto  6:46 AM

Probably don't need screenshots. We have all the history available, so I can find and see everything necessary

Remy Medranda  6:46 AM

Well at least i want you to see what led to this… me posting the review


i would never just post a review like that, i have no time for that stuff

Otto  6:47 AM

I understand. Just send me an email detailing the issue, and I'll look into it.

Remy Medranda  6:48 AM

thanks @Otto

Monday, January 13th

Remy Medranda  5:29 PM

@Otto reaching out


did you receive my messages?

jan_dembowski:support:  5:30 PM

This is so not the place for you to have this conversation. It's Monday. The email system works. Be patient. (edited)

Remy Medranda  6:30 PM

@jan_dembowski should i send him email at or should i send via slack, sorry not used to how you guys do things here as of recent

sterndata  6:30 PM

.org, not .com  (for the record)

jan_dembowski:support:  6:30 PM



If you have a specific issue with mod behavior, then you contact me. I'm I will discuss any such issues with you, but in this case, yeah, you kinda went slightly over the top. Never take things this far over such trivial issues. Feel free to email me about it and I'll take a deep dive into the problem, and discuss it with you.

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.org not .com


See the conversation link I just provided.

Remy Medranda  6:35 PM

thanks! Also where would I find information to report a developer?

jan_dembowski:support:  6:36 PM

. . .


. . .


If it's a plugin and depending on what that is for, works.

Remy Medranda  6:36 PM



would it be a violation of a developer to offer a plugin developed for a specific company on if he originally said it wouldn’t be on there?


like violation of some terms of agreement

sterndata  6:40 PM

Best taken up with the plugins team, not here.

Remy Medranda  6:40 PM

I have this developer I worked with recently who recently broke that trust @wp.mechanic



sterndata  6:41 PM

and there you go calling them out… sigh

Remy Medranda  6:41 PM

do they have their on slack channel?


why would it not be ok to call someone out who is doing the community harm?

sterndata  6:41 PM

email the plugins team at the address Jan gave you

Remy Medranda  6:41 PM

do you want to protect someone like that?

sterndata  6:41 PM

no, you don't get to play that game

Remy Medranda  6:41 PM

i did, just wondering where I can speak to someone with regards to it on slack


I’m not playing no games @sterndata

sterndata  6:42 PM

sure you are. Please use email to continue your issues with the correct parties.


not this semi-public channel.

Remy Medranda  6:42 PM

@sterndata i have no time for games…


this 100% about business

jan_dembowski  6:43 PM

@Remy Medranda SERIOUSLY, This is not the place for you to have this conversation.


Stop it. You're going to far. Use that email and take that conversation there.

Remy Medranda  6:44 PM



when i view the description for this channel


it has a link


i click it and it shows me this


Welcome to the official blog for the WordPress Support team.

Need help with a WordPress issue? You can find help with your WordPress problem by posting in the support forums or asking on the #wordpress IRC channel.

sterndata  6:45 PM

You have been told what to do.


you asked, you got the correct answers.

Remy Medranda  6:45 PM

I am on #forums  now right? do I need to also add #wordpress ?

jan_dembowski  6:45 PM

Honest question: what part of this was unclear?


@Remy Medranda SERIOUSLY, This is not the place for you to have this conversation.

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Stop it. You're going to far. Use that email and take that conversation there.

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Remy Medranda  6:49 PM

I disagree. I feel your customer service is lacking


You’re being very rude


If you can’t handle being a mode politely why be one?

jan_dembowski:support:  6:50 PM

You're wrong. You're not a customer. You never were. We're not customer support people. Never have been. You, like us, are volunteers.

Remy Medranda  6:50 PM

so then be polite

jan_dembowski:support:  6:50 PM

I was.

Remy Medranda  6:50 PM

Im not being rude to you


no you haven’t

jan_dembowski:support:  6:50 PM

Yes, you are.

Remy Medranda  6:50 PM

share 1 example

jan_dembowski:support:  6:50 PM

Read the whole exchange.

Remy Medranda  6:50 PM

I can share several where you are blantenly rude to me


You reread

sterndata  6:51 PM

of for ***'s sake. Asked and answered, your honor!

Remy Medranda  6:51 PM

See again


you can’t respond like that


that’s incredibly rude

Jono Alderson  6:51 PM

You're all being rude to each other, if that helps ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

sterndata  6:52 PM

going back to handling the pending queue

Remy Medranda  6:52 PM

thanks for confirming that outside opinion even sees you we’re being rude


I’ll wait from response from plugin team.. thanks for not being helpful today mods

jan_dembowski:support:  6:53 PM

Right. OK then. Anything else? You're publicly attacking a plugin author. You've posted screen shots of conversations, you're perseverating about this and have been repeatedly asked to stop. You've been given (several times) a way to handle this. (edited)


Anyone else want to opine on this? The patience of anyone has limits and that includes moderators.

Remy Medranda  6:56 PM

my patience dealing with this matter is getting thin as well


you guys are letting someone do something illegal


and letting him get away with it


and even protecting him


that’s flat out wrong

Otto  6:58 PM

@Remy Medranda You have been asked multiple times to not have this conversation in the #forums channel. Please stop, or I will need to take action to remove you from the Slack.

Remy Medranda  6:58 PM

@Otto got it. Message has been sent. Waiting on responses from you and your team.

JNash  6:58 PM

Oh, for Pete's sake! These are open forums not a store, not a business, not a good place to air dirty laundry. We have channels and means for all of that.

Remy Medranda  6:59 PM

exactly @JNash


what channels?


thats what I’m asking here before but gettin rude responses

Otto  6:59 PM

If you have problems with a plugin author, then you email the plugins team. You have been told this already. There is no channel on Slack or any other means of communication that is appropriate for this discussion.

Remy Medranda  7:00 PM

So this was an error? there is no channel?


Oh, for Pete's sake! These are open forums not a store, not a business, not a good place to air dirty laundry. We have channels and means for all of that.

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JNash  7:00 PM

Channels as in, the appropriate mechanisms to pursue your communications. Don't attack me!

Remy Medranda  7:01 PM

how were you attacked?


Channels as in, the appropriate mechanisms to pursue your communications. Don't attack me!

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Otto  7:01 PM

You are misunderstanding the nature of the word "channel". It is not appropriate in any Slack channel.


This is the last warning, please stop this discussion now.

Remy Medranda  7:01 PM

@JNash said “We have channels and means for all of that.” so I understood it as it was said.


I’ll wait for response from plugin team


a channel for this would be nice though


would help future people having same issues

Otto  7:02 PM

Yes, that would be appropriate. And no, there is no channel to discuss such matters on Slack, as that is not the purpose of this Slack.

Remy Medranda  7:02 PM

dumb question maybe… but is Slack part of WordPress?

Otto  7:03 PM

No, Slack is a separate company.

Remy Medranda  7:03 PM

@Otto you dive?


@Otto you like corals?

sterndata  7:04 PM

meantime, there's  topic on fantasy golf.  FANTASY GOLF??????_


Otto  7:04 PM

@Remy Medranda This is not really a good channel for this discussion. I'll reply to your email later, after breakfast or something

Remy Medranda  7:04 PM

@Otto ok. if you’re into corals or the ocean… check us out..


I’ve built like 50 sites this year alone on WP to sell corals :wink: Maybe next year @sterndata some golf related site would be cool…

jan_dembowski:support:  7:26 PM

Golf. Coral. COFFEE. Is good. :coffee::smiling_imp:

Remy Medranda  7:43 PM

I can’t agree more. I would just maybe put coffee first… and since i can’t golf, maybe golf last.. although some of the best times I can remember as a teen… were with friends at the Golf Range….

Saturday, January 25st

6:47 AM